Genuine Application Information Comunication

The Genuine Application Information Communication Code (GAICC) is a way of ensuring the communications you receive from us are genuine.

When you setup your account for the first time you will be assigned a GAIC code. Only you will know your GAIC code. When you receive a communication from us eg. email or text, the GAIC code will be included, giving you the reassurance that it is genuine and not spam and if you are unsure of the communication you can check the GAIC code within your account. You should only ever access or action a communication from World of Me that has the correct code.

Your GAIC code will be available to view from within your account settings but will not be included in any welcome emails or reminders. If for any reason you require a new GAIC code then you can regenerate one from within your account settings page.

When you setup an audience that does not have an account then they would automatically be sent their own GAIC code.

For security reasons we would recommend that you regenerate your GAIC code every few months.